Exescope or other application that can edit exe's created from Flash

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I am creating an interactive CD using flash to produce an exe. I want to edit the exe once its been produced by flash. (e.g. change the icons used within the exe, or the text in the title bar). I have found a software that does it named exescope, and it can be downloaded at the following....


I can get all the information in the title bar and the icons within the exe to change, but I cannot lock down the height and width. I want to disable its resize. I already have the following in my flash file...


But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know of any other software or how to achieve this.

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Not sure if this does something else that you may be looking for, but check out a program called MProjector at http://www.binarynoise.com/

Since you don't want the flash movie to resize, but you're still able to resize the window, get rid of the window.


knetyk Thanks For You Help. I have found one that is a whole lot better and alot more cheaper.
www.flashnpack.com. It has a whole bunch of features.

Binary Noise - $129.00
Flash N Pack - $89

Do you know of any free software that accomplishes this? anyone?

I admit I am cheap.
Personally I use FlashJester's Jugglor app to finish all my flash exe files. Http://www.flashjester.com It should do that and a lot more.

Hope this helps,
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