ADSL won't synchronize.  Is there a critical positioning of the Microfilter?

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ADSL won't synchronize - well, it will, but only when:
the microfilter is plugged directly into the phone socket,
then the telephone extension into the filter,
then router into the extension.

(That is to say, adding a splitter won't.  
eg: Socket-splitter-extension-microfilter-router  will not work.

It's a Solwise SAR715 router, all setup fine, and working great, somtimes.
It's an intermittent fault, it could work just great for a few hours, then go down and be unable to sychronize.
There's nothing else attached to the phone socket i'm using, just the filter and extension to the router.  There WAS a splitter in the socket, then the filter in the splitter, but it didnt synchorinse until i removed the splitter.

You're going to suggest it was a dodgy splitter, but it was the 3rd one i've tried, and 2 of then were brand new. and All work with a phone.

Is there any reason a standard telephone splitter attached to the socket, before the filter, would stop the adsl from synchorinzing?

I'm in northen ireland, and I have asked the phone company to chek the line - we had a similar problem on another line - called an unbalanced line.  they eventualy sorted it, but if the fault is at MY end, then we'll be charged for the callout fee (£100 ish)

(HDwilkins, the points go to the right answer)
thanks for any useful info
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The microfilter goes between the telco/fax devices and the phone line (one on each device) and there is no microfilter on the DSL.

There are two things: sync and route.  You can lose one or both.  You could be losing them if you don't have a microfilter on your telco/fax devices.  (When they ring/hang up it can cause the DSL to have a problem.)  However it could also be that the firmware on the router (even if its new) needs to be upgraded.  The router might not be negotiating the PPPoE correctly.

I can also tell you that at some locations, I have found that I don't need the microfilters.

The DSL rides on a phone line (analogue I hope) that goes to something, a phone or a fax.  Have someone call it and have it answered while you watch the modem/router lights.  Do it several times and if thats the cause, you'll see it.





cheers harry,
i found an extenstion someone had wired intot he back of the phone socket, so it was before the filter.
and i think you could be right about the firmware update.
after a while the router seems to stop handing out ip addresses.  doh.
time for the firmware update...

Thanks and regards,


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