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  I have a just received a windows 2000 server with active directory and iis installed. I configured the default web site and the default ftp site. I can connect locally or from across the internet to the default ftp site, but not the web site. I have never tried this before and is probably something very simple i did not configure....any ideas ?
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put your website data in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder. Whatever the name of you main page file is (ex. index.html) needs to be first in the document list. To view or change this. Right click on the default web site object within IIS, go to properties, and then the documents tab. click add, and type the name of you main file, then press the up arrow button to move it to the top. Stop and restart the default web site, and try again.
The thing i have don to let it work is:

create a folder <www> (i have put it in my root < C:\\www >) then go to iis and go to default website en click right then properties,
then you see a tab < web site > by discription fill in a name of your choice and by IP adress assign the one who is listed.

Then go to tab <home directory> an browse by local path to the place of your www dir leave the rest as it is.

By tab <documents> add index.html.

restart iis.

Then it shout work. go to your browser and typ the ip adress witch is listed by < web site> and then index.html ( most be in the www dir ) ( x.x.x.x\index.html )

Incase you use cgi scripts and perl in your website you have to add some extra lines

got to tab <home directory> then <configuration> and by <apps mappings> add the files .pl , .plx and .cgi with the location of perl
for example c:\\www\perl\bin\perl.exe %s %s

the .pl and .cgi are exe file and most have %s %s behind it
the .plx is a dll file


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