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I need to get the software and hardware profile of the remote system in my network.

I thought of making a telnet connection and by supplying username and password thro my java class and then execute commands to extract needed information.I need to do it in java.

It should be done automatically thro program.remote system should not prompt for username and password which should be supplied thro program.

Is there any other way i can achieve my task?

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What types of systems are these (Windows, Unix, etc)?  Is the application you're writing going to live on the local system, remote system, or both?

If on remote, you could write your own daemon, and connect to it remotely.

If on local, you could telnet/rsh/ssh/etc (if supported on that OS) and pull the required data.

If both, you could write a client and server app, using TCP sockets to communicate between them.

As far as prompting for authentication, that all depends on the system and what you have to work with.  If you're running Unix and have rsh support, you could set up that machine to allow logins from your machine WITHOUT prompting.  This is (of course) a security hazard, but it works.

If you write your own daemon to run on these machines, I HIGHLY recommend you secure them somehow.  Then just write your application to be able to authenticate against it.  The last thing you want is an unsecure application with the ability to execute commands on a host.


Thanks for your suggestions..

I am going to run the program from my local linux system.

Actually the remote systems are of unix type and I don't want to run any daemons in the remote system.I should be able to connect from my local system and extract informations.

And also as you told the rsh option, we have security problem..

The scenario is like this...
I have all remote systems of unix type machine IP's and their username and password.I want to run it in a loop and go thro' all systems and get their information(sw/hw) by executing remote commands or by some other means...

If you could give a sample code which connects to the remote system by providing hostname, username and pwd it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance...:)

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