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I have set myself up a Mandrake 9.0 box for testing stuff

I did everything and used Webmin to config it all and it seemed fine.  

I wanted to setup so I could upload stuff from my WinXP box, and the easiest way was to use the users webspace so I created a public_html in my users home dir, yet when I try to access (my first PHP srcipt, which works fine in the webroot) I get the 403 error.  

I checked permissions and everything and they are all set to read and excute on the PHP files.  

Can you help

Thank You
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check your userdir configuration in httpd.conf.

if you are still having problem please post the userdir section here. We can try to solve your problem.


I have checked the userdir setting, its set to allow all conections, I have also checked all the access controls.  

I think the problem may be that I created the public_html dir as root, I'm not sure on this as, my father had to borrow the computer to test something and I haven't been able to do any more with this.  

Thanks anyway



Well, I now have this same problem on another computer, the userdir part is the default for Mandrake 9.0

I tried a few things but nothing helped.

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have you checked the user permissions on the folder and files in the user home.

Did you check the error log?  Try (as root)..

cd /var/log/httpd
tail -f error_log

I guess you got error such as "client denied by server configuration" ??


Thanks I set the permissons on all the files to 777 and also the dir but still nothing, I don't get it.  

I can't try anything just at the moment, I'll try as soon as possible and then get back to you,


Thanks Again
Check the httpd.conf configuration for the user directory


Thanks bansidhar but, I already did that before I came here, that is set right anything else and it gives a 404 error instead
then check the .htaccess file

can you post the error details from the error log file here?


sorry guys, that computer died awhile back and the problem does not exist on my Mandrake 9.1 box.  So I'll give the points to those that I consider most helpful

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