Problem to use the 'bcp in' command on unix.

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Im having problems to use the 'bcp in' command on unix. I need to load a file with the following format:


using following generic command:

bcp ${dbase}..{tab_name}in /file.txt -c -e file.err -t'#' -S${server} -U${user} -P${password}

But bcp cant handle the first and last '#' delimiters, or the dd/mm/yy format. Is there any way to do this within the bcp command, or do i have to reformat the file first, before using 'bcp in' - reformatting first is time consuming as theres over 100,000 lines in the file..

Any help is appreciated!
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You can use a Unix command, like "cut" to cut the file or "awk" program to format the file correctly.
You can use -r option to define "#" as row terminator (just add -r"#" ) to ignore last "#"

However, you need to create a format file for the first one. You can define all field and row delimiters in format file. To ignore the first character, you just need to define a dummy field with char(1) datatype and no field delimiter as the first field. You can write "ignore" as table column name.

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