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Hello experts,
on my Win2K server; it is a domain controller,
I installed Exchange2000 Server.
My computer is part of a network,
but I do not use any other remote service or computer.
That means my active directory is a root directory.
Mailboxes exist for two users; they are working (in Outlook).
Now I want to setup agents (e.g. 'Message_OnChange', incoming messages, ...).
My System-Manager does not contain any folder "EventsRoot".
Under 'folders' I've 'Public folders' only.
But I also expect a 'System Folder'.
Does anyone know what do I need to do?
The event protocol contains a message,
that MSExhangedDSAccess has failed.
I'm a newbie and don't see what I could/should do.

Thank you for every help.

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System folders are hidden by default. To view them, right-click on the Public Folders folder tree and choose View System Folders.


That was the prerequisite for the following tasks:
After setting up the properties for the clients
I was able to get the agent tab in Outlook.
Then I could make an event script working.

Thank you very much.

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