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I have on my SQL box a Stored Procedure in a database called 'Asset'.  My problem with this stored procedure is that it wants to reference another table in a separate SQL Server database called 'Discovery' held in the same server group.  The table name in 'Discovery' is called 'Audit' and the error message is "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]invalid object name 'Discovery.Audit'" when running the stored procedure. I have tried (with no luck) 'Discovery.dbo.Audit' and am using the generic 'sa' login.  The stored procedures permissions are set to 'public' as is the table 'Audit'.

I might resign soon over this, which isn't that bad, but only after I have kicked to pieces the Comms room, which is that bad.      
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Is the Discovery db on a different server to the Asset db?
If so try ServerName.Discovery.dbo.Audit

You need to have the "Discovery" server setup as a linked server on your SQL box.

This can be done through Enterprise Manager. Click on  your SQL box go to the Security folder -> Linked Servers.
Add the "Discovery" server in there with the appropriate login details.

The error u are getting is because your SQL box does not know of this other server, you have to explicitly define it.

ok, I may have gone down the wrong path. I had thought you meant "Discovery" was another fault, I misread ur post.
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COuld you post your stored procedure code?
Use server.database.[ownertable].tablename
Example servername.Discover..audit
oh ... You must have permissions for this and link the servers.
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Verify that the owner of the Audit table is actually dbo.

Also, please post the exact code that is being run.


Good work silviog, I will not resign now, and will get my money back on an axe I bought

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