CSS <td> nowrap? <img> border-color?

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I have a problem with 2 items.

The following code doesn't work properly:

td.copy {
text-align: right ;
text-valign: bottom ;
height: 1pt ;
white-space: nowrap ;
font-size: 8pt ;
font-weight: normal ;

The line "white-space: nowrap ;" seems to have no effect. How can I set the <td> tag, that it doesn't wrap?

The other problem is:

I would like to set the border-width to 1 without setting the border-color. Therefore the hover effect for links will be visible on images within anchor have the same effect like on text.

border-width: 1 ;

Netscape 7 => O.K.
Internet Explorer 6 => no border at all

border-width: 1 ; border-color: #FFFF00 ;

Netscape 7 and Internet Explorer 6 => yellow border, but no change on hover event.

Any suggestions how this could work?

Thanks ...

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Border-Width must be set in pixels:
border-width: 1px;

white-space: nowrap is not supported in Netscape.

Good Luck
if you would like the <td> tag not to wrap:
<td nowrap></td>

Make sure you also specify border-style: solid; for the cell. Or use the short version of border:
border: 1px solid #FFFF00;

Hope this helps.


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