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A couple of years ago my company changed from Lotus Notes 4.6 to Microsoft Exchange.   The Notes e-mail databases were saved but how can I read/convert them without using Lotus Notes which we no longer have?
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There are products such as UniAccess:

which can convert your Notes mail files to Exchange or other formats. The thing is, you still need Notes installed on at least one workstation to do the conversion, as the utility uses the Notes engine to read the Notes data in its native format and convert it to something else.

I am not sure there is any way around this.
Is your notes mailbox still available on a domino server?
In that case -depending on the server's settings- you could be able / enabled to access it using either POP or IMAP.
Contact your (former?) notes/domino administrator for more info.
There are a few migration tools available to do this, even from Lotus, for migration from Notes to Exchange. Go to Notes.Net



  My guess is that you'll want to download the latest email client trial from notes:

  Once you have this installed, choose File->Database->Open and select your X.nsf file.  There are probably several ways to go about exporting the data (like as a file in RTF format).  Personally, i recommend File->Preferences->Client Reconfiguration Wizard to setup your email account (you'll need the server data from your ISP).  Also, you might do best selecting the "Dialup" checkbox that i didn't try since i'm using the company LAN.  Then all you have to do is setup an agent to forward your selected Notes emails to your Outlook email address.

   There are other tools available here:

   These include (ranked most to least useful):
       NotesPeek - let's you see all the data; good luck getting it out in a reasonable format
       NotesXML - good chance of extracting text but you'll lose attachments
       NotesSQL - ODBC driver; you can see the meta info (time, date, from, subject, etc.) but can't view the text/attachments

   Good luck with your project.  You can contact me directly here: neptune7678 at hotmale (not spelled correctly) d0t calm (not spelled right, either) with a subject of "lotus".

   i feel your pain.



hi again,

   Here is a more streamlined approach:

       (1) right-click "Outlook" on your desktop
       (2) select "properties" from the pulldown
       (3) click the "add..." button
       (4) choose "Lotus Notes Mail" from the list
       (5) select location of your local mail store (*.nsf)
       (6) enjoy your old email :)

    note: this may not work with Express but should be just fine for corporate use


P.S. hey mods, how about some points over here!

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