How to set the background of current active cell of MSFlexGrid control??

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Hi All:

I want to set the background color of any cell users clicked so that users feel any cells they clicked are highlighted, i.e., if users click cell of row 1 and col 1, this cell will be highlighted, then if users click cell of row 2 and col 2, this cell will be highlighted too, however, the cell of row 1 and col 1 must not be highlighted. Any time only the current active cell will have the background color that is different from all other cells.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
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try this... you will need to use styles and javascript...

<style> {
     FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: Arial,Helvetica; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ff0000
} {
     FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: Arial,Helvetica; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #0000ff
<script language="javascript">
function go(obj)
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">One</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Two</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Buckle My Shoe</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Three </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Four </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Shut the Door</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Five </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Six</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Pick up Stix</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Seven </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Eight</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Stay UP Late</TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Nine </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Ten </TD>
     <TD class=red onclick="go(this)">Do it all again</TD>
In VB, this is how I'd do it:

Private m_OldRow As Long
Private m_OldCol As Long

Private Sub MSFlexGrid1_EnterCell()
    Static bFromCode As Boolean
    Dim lRow As Long
    Dim lCol As Long
    With MSFlexGrid1
        If bFromCode = True Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        bFromCode = True
        Debug.Print .Row & ":" & .Col
        lRow = .Row
        lCol = .Col
        '.RowSel = .Rows - 1
        '.ColSel = .Cols - 1
        If m_OldRow > 0 Then
            .Row = m_OldRow
            .Col = m_OldCol
            .CellBackColor = vbWhite
        End If

        .Row = lRow
        .Col = lCol
        '.Row = lRow
        '.Col = lCol
        '.RowSel = lRow
        '.ColSel = lCol
        .CellBackColor = vbRed
        m_OldRow = lRow
        m_OldCol = lCol
        bFromCode = False
    End With

End Sub


Hi twalgrave:

It worked, thanks a lot.

icredes, thanks a lot for for your comments too. I am using VBScript.

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