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I have a axis print server. But i can't use dos to print account report. The ip address of axis print server is and have 1com port and 2 lpt port. lpt1 =9000 lpt2=9002. Somebody help me.
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use this command before giving print command or put the below command on new line in autoexec.bat file

net use lpt1: /yes

He wont be able to put it in his autoexec.bat - drivers for his network card wont have been loaded. Install the printer as a local printer. Go to the printers section in control panel. Right click on your printer and choose properties. Go to the details tab and choose capture port. In the path dialog type \\ and choose ok.

owensleftfoot is right....

however you can also try setting it up to pritn to an IP address via the standard windows add printer wizard, and then share it ..

then you can use the net use command to print to the shared resource from DOS.
net use lpt2: \\servername\sharename.
However i would reccomend that you call it lpt2 not 1 as you can experience conflicts with th4e actual physical parallel port.
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You are facing printing problem in DOS mode, I had suggested NET command.
For windows, u can follow owensleftfoot suggestion
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