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   I just moved from FreeBSD to SuSE and notice the default pipe of the "man" comand is through "less."  I prefer to pipe it through "more".  How do I set this up?
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I think you'll find that the PAGER env var is set to 'less'. Change that to 'more' (export PAGER=more) and the man command should then use 'more'.
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There is also /etc/man.conf, where you change man behavior
Its your choice but why anyone would want to use more instead of less beats me :). Less is far more useful than more - you can scroll back and forward,do regex searches of text & much more. Next time your in less type h at the : prompt. Here ends the sales pitch for less :)


Thanks.  I was going to explain why I wanted more, but didn't think I would have to justify myself : ).  Turns out I do...I just wanted to use more because when I CTRL+C out of more, the excerpt from man is still on the screen.  When I use less and press Q, I back to my prompt as if nothing happened.  I guess just a preference;  there might even be a way to do the same thing with less (leave an excerpt on the screen), but oh well.  BTW You can move back and forward in more too, not just in less.

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