[E2k] New Users & DLs not showing up in Outlook GAL

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I have an Exchange server that is exhibiting some strange behavior. I'm running Exchange 2000 SP3 on 2k server SP3. The mailboxes on this server were migrated over from Ex5.5.

Users and DLs that existed and had mailboxes on the domain pre-migration work fine. I can administer them from Exchange and they can use Outlook without any trouble. The exchange tabs are present in AD for all enabled users.

However, if I create a new user or DL on the domain, a couple of strange things happen.

I am using the default options for Exchange in the New User wizard, and I am only using the default Recipient Policy, which should give them SMTP and X.400 info.

However, it does not, and I have to manually put this information in. I've verified the Recipient Policy is correct. The mailbox is created, and after manually entering the information, they can send and recieve mail via SMTP.

Also, the new user will not show up in the Global Address List as viewed from the Outlook 2000 Clients!

This only affects users created AFTER the migration.

Oddly enough, I see them if I get properties of the same GAL in the E2k System Manager and hit Preview. Apparently, the Exchange server can seem them in the GAL but anyone logging into it thru Outlook (Even Administrator) cannot.

A similar problem happens with Distribution Lists. The existing DLs were migrated to Universal Distribution Groups in AD and work fine. If I create a new Universal Distribution Group in AD, it will not appear in Outlook's Global Address List. As with new users, the new DL will show up if I hit preview under All Groups' Properties in Exchange System Manager, but not if I view the GAL in Outlook.

I get the feeling the problems with the Recipient Policy and the GALs are related. My guess is that the new users/DLs aren't getting the right Exchange permissions or properties when they are created in the domain, so they don't get the Policies or show up in the GALs.

Thanks in Advance!
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Check the permissions on the newly created objects in AD, it might be that they inheret permissions on the OU which block access by Exchange.

Also check you DSACCESS settings in System manager.
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RUS is not stamping, more than likely.


Also, your RUS may not be pointed to the right Exchange server, I've seen it where it was actually pointing to the 5.5 server, which won't work. check the properties of the RUS, verify that you have an E2K server in your domain listed, as well as it's pointing to a DC/GC. That's your best bet.

Let us know...


Wow. RUS was pointing to an E2k server that no longer existed and didn't know what to DC was at all.

Setting it straight fixed things, new acccounts get addresses and show up in the GAL within 10 minutes or so.

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