accessing fat32 and ntfs drives

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i am a new linux user.  can anybody please tell me how can i access folders and files fat32 and ntfs partitions.
I also want to know how to browse files on linux ext-3 partitions from windows or dos.
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If U want to acces fat 32 partition U need to mount them in your linux file system with mount command. (man mount)

mount /dev/hdax /mnt/win -t vfat

where hdax is the win partition number, and /mnt/win is the path where U will mount the files (U neead to create the folder win with mkdir command).

By default the linux kernel does not support ntfs, and U can only read it if U recompile the kernel. As I remember there was no support for writing ntfs.

To access ext3 from windows U need to install an aditional software named explore2fs.

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