Win 2000k Remote PC will not accept any more Connections

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I'am mapping a network drive on a PC running Windows 2000.
My PC also is running Windows 2000. Other users also use the remote PC running Win 2000.
On occassion I get the following error.

I:\ is not accessible.

No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.

Is there a way to increase the amount of connection the computer can accept?

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Bartender_1Microsoft Network Administrator

The system that has the shared resource, has an option on the share that states how many users can access it. To check what it is set at (and reset it if necessary) do this on the system that is sharing the resource:
Find the shared folder/resource
Use the right mouse button to click on it,
Select Properties
Click on the Sharing Tab
Check the User Limit area,
reset as desired.

Hope this helps!!


I'll ASSUME (sinc eyou didn't specify) that you are using Windows 2000 PROFESSIONAL here.  W2K Pro supports ONLY 10 users connecting to it at any one time.  This is BY DESIGN and W2K Pro intentionally limits this to 10 connections.  Not only that but the EULA (i.e. LICENSE AGREEMENT) also limits you to 10 incoming connections.  So Microsoft has set both technical and legal limits on this.  There is NO LEGAL way around this.

If you need to support MORE than 10 users you need W2K SERVER.  W2K server is limited ONLY by the number of CLIENT ACCESS LICENSES you have for it.

If, however, you do have W2K SERVER, AND sufficient CALS, you may have set the share properties for the share(s) in question to limit connections to some number.  On the server go to the share and click its properties and change the share limit to a larger number.
Bartender_1Microsoft Network Administrator

Good point jhance, something I overlooked, assuming the connection was to W2K Server.


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