Setting up VPN on Windows 2000 server.

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Can I setup a VPN on a Windows 2000 server with only one NIC? If it is possible can someone let me know the steps on doing this?
Also the client setup too.

Thank you.
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Yes you can, it depends very much on how this potential vpn server is connected to the internet. As you have only one NIC in this server I'll assume that the internet connection is through a router that does NAT.
On the server, open up the Routing and Remote Access console and enable the service, run the wizard to setup a vpn server. Select no internet connection when prompted, use dhcp etc. Next, grant your users dialin permission through AD users and computers.
Now the tricky bit, this depends on what router you have. You will have ideally, 1 static IP address on the WAN side of your router. You need to configure the router to pass tcp port 1723 (PPTP) and IP Protocol 47 (GRE) to your vpn server from any requests sent to the external address.
On the client side, setup a vpn dialup connection, the host name\ip address will be the external address of your router (connected to the vpn server) and use your domain credentials to login.
For more details, look here:;en-us;308208

My instructions are fairly sketchy so this should fill in the gaps.

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