SquirrelMail works inside the network, but not from outside the network.

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I just set-up a Mac OS X (10.2) server for a client and am having trouble configuring SquirrelMail on the server to be accessible from outside the network.

I am able to connect to SquirrelMail from inside the network using 3 subdomains I created on the server (all pointing to the same IP address). "mail." "xserve." "test."  using  "/WebMail" after the FQDN. Apache is correctly answering the requests and passing the user over to SquirrelMail, but the first SquirrelMail page that comes up is listed as "computerName:16080/xxxxxxx"

The server is set-up to do DNS using BIND and web hosting using apache. I configured the DNS for the client's domain to point these 3 subdomains to the client's firewall (SonicWall) and the sonicwall does the NAT translation to the server. All three subdomains and virtual hosts are working correctly, both internally and externally; they show the basic index file whether internal or external.

As soon as you add the "/WebMail" the url the server (squirrelmail?) sends back is the "computername:16080/..."

There was one section in the SquirrelMail config that asked for the email server's address, and I remember reading somewhere to set this to if on the same machine. Could this be what's causing the problem??

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Squirrelmail uses MIME, so check your firewall accepts external connections to port 143 TCP.


Thanx for the help catoguilar. unfortunately that was not it.

I finally found the solution, the virtual websites were not listed with the FQDN. once that was fixed, all was well.

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