Win32 error code returned by the print processor

I am having periodic problems with an HP990c deskjet printer.

Occassionaly I see the following message in event viewer:   Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 63 (0x3f)

Sometimes the printer freezes during print jobs and the only way to restart the printer is by RESTARTING the server! (I have tried stopping the print spooler service and deleting the jobs, but no luck.)  

The printer does not freeze up every time this message appears...this is totally random.

The printer is connected to a linksys print server and shared through a Windows 2000 domain controller, SP3. There are 10 other printers shared on this DC, and two other printers are connected to the linksys print server.

The HP 990c is the only printer that is experiencing problems. Two of the other printers are also HP printers (LJ2200s, not the 990c)  I have uninstalled / and reinstalled the print drivers from both the clients and the servers and I still get this problem.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?  This is really a nuisance, and my users seem to have an emotional attachment to printing to this 990c.


PS --  Also, if it matters, this server was recently migrated from NT to 2000.  (But read again, the drivers were removed and reinstalled afterwards.)_
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Well there is a discuusion on HP's site about this. Don't know it will help,,0xfa595c7609e9d61190050090279cd0f9,00.html

The Crazy One

CrazyOne has the correct page, but you have to search a bit for the answer on it.  At work we had the same type problem with a Ricoh AP4500 printer that was networked to a NT4.0 SP6 server.  When we purchased Windows 2000 Professional computers and tried to share the printer to those machines we were getting the same errors.  Here's our fix in the hope it helps you:

Set the shared printer to have a static IP address.  Go to the workstation you are having trouble with and install the printer to go to a Standard TCP/IP port.  Go through all the defaults and don't print a test page.  You're going to want to change the settings from RAW to LPR and enable byte checking.  For the name,  you want to go to the HP website and see what they recommend...for ours it was PORT1 (note the sensitive case).  

Hoping this helps!


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zingaroAuthor Commented:
So basically I have to have my clients print directly to the printer rather than through the server?  

Thats a bummer because I wanted to take advantage of the spooling services on the w2k box.....and the linksys printservers tend to hang up when more than 1 user prints to the same printer at the same time.

Is it at all possible to resolve this problem while still sharing the printer from the w2k server?

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To my knowledge this is the only way 'our printer' would work.  You might want to give a quick call with HP tech and see what they think.  You might be able to fake the clients out by installing the mainframe type driver on the W2K Server box (sometimes the DLC addressing just works :) ) and then doing normal printing through a server.  Anyways, sorry to bum you out on this!

Hope this helps!

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I finally found a good answer to my following problem and solved the printing issue:

We have 4 Xp pro stations on my VUE testing center. After the exam completetion the test results was having erros with

Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 63 (0x3f) ID: 61

What I find that we were printing to the Canon 215/ 200 PCL P3/B1 printer using RAW. I selected the LPR and it's installed by default when you install Simple TCP/IP Services. With TCP/IP Services, this particular printer stopped working and gave me the Event ID 61 error message becasue  LPR needed to be individually installed. I went into Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components, " Other Network File and Print Services", and installed Unix Print Services, I could then set these printers up to work specifically on LPR ports and they worked again.

I'm back up and running with no changes to the test workstations
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