How to make linux server SLEEP ?

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I want to turn on a server via WAKE UP ON LAN (WOL).

I tested a box with windows 95, and it was booted successfully via WOL (I use 'ether-wake' on other machine to send 'magic packet' to do WOL).

Then, I wiped the box, changed it to RedHat 8.0.

But then I cant boot it up via WOL ...

I did 'shutdown -h now' or 'poweroff', but because of this, the network card also turned off. If the network card turned off, the box can not be booted via WOL.

This is different with Windows 95, when I click shutdown, the box will be shutdowned but not the network card. The light in the network card still ON.

Is there any way to shutdown linux server and still make it to be bootable via WOL ?

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The difference between windows and Linux is that windows doesn't stop the processor on a 'Shutdown'. All that does is to shutdown the windows OS and leaves the box in a state that it can either boot back up or be powered off. Linux doesn't have that intermediate state. Either the OS is running or the box is powered off. So you can't do a windows style Wake On LAN.


Then, what actually you have said was ... we can NOT do "wake up on lan" on Linux machine ?


That's another sad story ...
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To the best of my knowlege that is correct at the present time. Out of curiosity, why would you want to do this?
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Maybe this is silly idea :)

We have a project to create 'a system' for wiping (erasing) hardisk. In the 'ideal' platform, it will use hot swapable hardisk.
So, Wiper (a linux server) will have 2 hardisk slots :

hardisk_1 = operating system + application
hardisk_2 = hot swapable, that can be changed, then will be WIPED by an application (web based perl cgi).

But, then, came a silly idea because our customer does NOT want hot swapable! Budget constraint :( And, it's not negotiable.

So, our next idea is like this :

WipeR = a linux server with 1 hardisk (OS + application)
WipeD = a linux server with 1 hardisk that will be wiped!

WipeR will run 24 hours ...

We will put WipeR and WipeD in THE SAME computer case, so it will look like just ONE BOX.

If they want to wipe a hardisk:
Insert THAT hardisk in the WipeD hardisk slot, and then in the application, there will be a button called "MOUNT", so if it's clicked, WipeR will START that WipeD via "WAKE UP ON LAN" ...
If the WipeD started up, it will 'inform' WipeR to mount WipeD via NFS, so WipeR can wipe it's contents (some directories).

After wiping process, WipeD will be SHUTDOWNED (remotely), so that they can continue with the next hardisk.

In simple way, there is NO hardware button to reset/start/shutdown wipeD. WipeD will be controlled completely via software ... to shutdown is simple ... but to start, we should use wake up on lan, the simplest way.

Well, now you maybe ask, why this customer needs to wipe some hardisks ? :D Yes, they run a small company to do backup ... they will do backup using hardisk.
I know that this is not a good solution, but we just received an order to build such machine.

That's the story ... Basically I dont want to use windows, because of license. If they can afford windows license, then they will use hotswapable :)

Maybe if you have other idea, that will be good :D
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I think I see a problem here. When a windows box goes to the shutdown state the MB is still powered up (so WOL works). Swapping disk drives at that point w/o using a hot-swap carrier incurs a risk of electrical damage to the drive or the MB.

I think that what I'd do would be to modify one of the mini-linux distros, preferrably one that can boot from CD, to do an automatic wipe of the attached drive at boot followed by a shutdown. Then, with a single system and the CD in the drive, you pop in the disk to be wiped and hit the power button. The box would boot, wipe the drive and shut down. no other user intervention is required. That means that with the right BIOS you can eliminate the keyboard and monitor.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for:

Using Wake-On-LAN with Linux

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