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I am operating a 1.8 gigahertz machine with a AK31 Socket A AMD processor based DDR main board. Running currently with 756mb of memory with a WIN98 operating system. I recently added another 256mb to push it up to over a gig. But for some reason I kept getting conflict with Norton System Works (NSW) stating I did not have enough system memory. I figure it was NSW so I uninstalled the program. However I still had issues with performance. It didn't run any faster than when I had I had the 512mb that originally came with the board.

So now I have taken one chip out and I'm operating with 756mb. However when I check the resource meter I still seem to be using about 2/3 of the System/User/GDI resources.  Shouldn't adding more memory have alleviated these issues?
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The memory allocated for System/User/GDI resources is fixed, and does not depend upon the amount of memory installed.  See this web page:
Low System Resources

This link seems like it is written for you :);en-us;253912
Unfortunately 98 does not support anymore than 512 mb or ram in fact by going past this limit you likely to recieve the message that you running low on system resources and will have to reboot. LOL my suggestion # 1 upgrade to xp, # 2 run msconfig to bring up the system configuration utility click on the advanced box and check the limit memory box after reducing to 512. # 3 remove some of your ram win 98 cant handel it and it actually makes thing worse.
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In my opinion, LeeTutor's comment answered the actual question:  "when I check the resource meter I still seem to be using about 2/3 of the System/User/GDI resources.  Shouldn't adding more memory have alleviated these issues? "  But Monspot's comment gave very much needed advice on this problem of Win9x not working properly with "too much" memory. Will split the points between them.  Reducing by 1/2 and awarding to LeeTutor.  Monspot, your points are here:

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