rejected email address (Outlook Express 6) when attempting to add an account name.

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I use NTL broadband and already have 3 mail accounts with different account titles but all using the same email address.

I am trying to set up 2 new mail accounts using different email addresses.

I have followed the wizard instructions and am able to use these 2 new accounts to send emails to my original email address.  I cannot however send to either of these 2 addresses.

The error message received includes the following

"message could not be sent...... one of the recipients was rejected by the server....rejected email address was.... 550 invalid recipient"

No matter how I alter the properties for the General, Servers and Connection tabs, I am unable to send emails to these 2 addresses.

How do I get these addresses accepted?
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Please try this from and :
-Under the properties for your account, under the server tab (Tools Menu > Accounts > Mail Tab > Select Mail Account > Properties > Server Tab). Make sure you have "My server requires authentication" checked.

Also following may help:;en-us;290808;en-us;305007;en-us;295164


Thanks for all the suggestions but none have solved the problem. I use the free version of Zone Alarm and it has been suggested that this might be the cause of the problem.

If so, I do not know how to overcome it
I don't if it has something to do with your problem
but my own address was apparently rejected by as not "valid", I was obliged to use one without character - in it
and now I've change my MTU size, I could register... with this address as it was alredy taken!
I try with another one with the character - and it works!

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This error message is coming from the mail server, not from OE itself. It means that the SMTP (outgoing) mail server did not recognize you as an authorized user and so rejected your message. Most ISPs configure their SMTP servers to recognize only those whose IP address is on the accepted list, meaning that you are connected directly to that ISP. If you use multiple ISPs, you are likely to encounter this problem. The solution is to change the SMTP server for that mail account under Tools| Accounts| <account name> Properties| Servers
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