Can we defined priority in Bandwidth managmentTaffic ??Like www has 1st priority

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Hi there !!!!!
Well, any one can suggest me like i want to manage b/w behind linux MASQUARDE Box like one server is Linux with Real ip address Ipchains and client are part of the network when i manage b/w of them b/w management is queing all Packet so result is over all speed gets less when i set 5kBps. so any one can suggest which kind of bandwidth managment i have to used in that b/w mangemet we can defined priority to www traffic has highest prioty or www packet is not manage by bandwidth manager. so please any help to come out, i m using right now rshaper as bandwidth mangment software and Linux box is Redhat 7.2.
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Basiacally i want to manage b/w of my client but that b/w managment software must not be quequed packet of www traffic that is main Idea what i looking for .
finally i  want to manage all traffice expect www traffic.
thanks in Advance
Linux Lover.
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It's not clear to me what you want to accomplish. Is the goal to limit traffic from clients on your inside network to make available some fixed amount of bandwidth for inbound HTTP connections?

What you are looking for is QoS(Quality of Service) - TOS (Types of Service) connections.

You'd have to compile these IP Costs into the kernel, I don't think the default RedHat kernel has them enabled.


Networking options
IP: use TOS value as routing key Y

QoS and/or fair queueing
 QoS support
 Traffic policing (needed for in/egress)

What you are doing is making the Linux box into a smart switch.

To control the different costs, you would use Ipfilter and jump to TOS to set the different bits.
ToS Packet Mangling

Here is a site that explains a little:

I set FTP to max on my firewall at home, I sometimes get speeds of 350KB (It seems to max out around there) per second over cable. :)

I do notice it does kind of strangle other PCs I have on my small network.  But its only my wife and kids complaining why the net is slow... my response was, I'm not sure why, my wife caught on after a few times, and now yells "Are you downloading again!"  :P


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