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We currently have a website which has a fairly high ranking on yahoo and other search engines.. It is currently using an html page as the main front page. I have 2 questions :

1. Will it affect my ranking, if I change my html main page to an asp main page - whilst using the same meta tags ?

2. What does the following line actually do ? Is this necessary for a good ranking (my website does not currently have this) :
<meta name="robots" content="all">

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Kre8Connect With a Mentor Commented:


1) As long as the exact HTML used on your current page is reproduced on the .asp page exactly then google will see the pages as being the same and not affect your ranking.
However, presumably you will also have 0 inbound links to your new page_name.asp page and therefore google will rank your new .asp page lower than your current .html page.

2) It tells visiting search engine spiders that you'd like every link, directory and image on your website indexed by it. Its not necessary as most spiders will ignore this tag.
douglobbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To resolve the above comments from "Kre8" you might want to leave your index.html page in place - but put your index.asp page with a higher priority for loading in your server settings.  

Typically people don't link to

They will typically link to with no file name

This means that your popularity links would still be in place and hopefully wouldn't hurt your rankings.

Make sure that .asp code produces your page title and meta information.
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Hello all,

True, Google will look at the domain name overall and still award PageRank.  Also true that a file extension change can hold positions (in theory) as long as only the extension is altered.  It's meant to work that way.  But like Bill Gates blue screen of death nightmare at comdex, "technology doesn't always work the way it's supposed to."


Most search engines can't actually see dynamic code, it simply isn't triggered when it goes to the link to your homepage, so if your rankings are important to you, I suggest that you have 2 websites, one static, the other dynamic.

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