need help on working with a bar code scanner

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I am planning on using a bar code scanner with a Visual Basic-written time and attendance system.  I haven't started yet because I have no idea on how to get data from the bar code device.  These are the things I need to know:
    1.  How do you read data from a bar code scanner using VB?
    2.  I read somewhere that I need to convert the bar code data into characters that will be readable by the language, how do I do that?
    3.  Do I need to use ActiveX Control?  How?

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am not really good with vb but i need to use it for my program
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I have used a handheld scanner once in a project and I have discovered that I had nothing to do!

The scanner I was using was connecting between the keyboard and the PC. SO anything that was scanned entered into the VB application just like if it was typed. In fact, you cannot differentiate typed characters from scanned characters. The only thing you need to ensure is to give focus to a textbox.


Do yourself a favor and perform a search within this site for "wedge".

You will find a great deal of previously provided information on wedge readers, which is what you should use to do as you indicate.

Barcode technology has evolved since the early days and there is not much programming necessary to incorporate barcode hardware devices.


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Hey there are a few fonts available which convert simple text to a barcode format which can be read by any bar code scanner. It also converts the bar code read by the scanner to normal text. Used it a long back and dont have the font but you may search out for it.
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