I try to modify defualt icon ,but it is not changed

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I have changed my notes default icon ,but it is not changed in client .
How to see my chaned icon ?
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A database icon or notes itself?
Assuming db-icon....

Icons in the designer client are a not refresh immediately, or not at all, unless you remove the bookmark.

Changes in the normal client should automatically appear.

Few things to keep in mind though:
Did you change the icon in a template or in the actual db?
If in a template: did you refresh the design? And is the property "Do not allow design refresh/replace...." for the icon perhaps set?


Firstly,thanks for your help.
Secondly,my question is not clearly ,so your sssuming is not right.
My question is how to change icons of notes itself in the client.
Icons are displayed in a view column when the column property, 'Display Values as Icons' is enabled in the column's design .

How have you changed the icon and in which database?

The column will display one of the standard icons depending upon which number between 1 and 255 the column shows.  Unless you have changed the formula for the column in the views design it will show the icon based on the current field value in the existing documents.

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I modify the vw_iconXXX(number 1~255) picture in the direcotry of domino icon .
Assuming view icon number is 170,
It is not changed in the notes client afeter I modifed.
It just shown on the web.
AFAIK the icons that can be shown in Notes client views are built in and unchangeable... I've only ever seen the standard set to choose from.



Thanks for your comment.
So it could not be changed icon in Notes client .
Have any tips to solve it ?

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