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I want to create a DOS boot disk to read a USB 2 CD drive.
I found

and created one and can read my USB ZIP drive.

When I tried the syntax for the CD Rom, it assigned a virtual letter but gives me an error trying to assess drive.  I was wondering if that is because it is USB 2?

Anyone use this utility or know of another one on the net that would work?
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You are lucky even that the CD worked.

As you noticed, USB support for DOS is almost non-existent and certainly not supported by anybody.

Did you try using a different CD ?

Not all CD's can be access from DOS easily- I would try an original WIn9x CD as a test.

I hope this helps !

Highly unlikely to get this to work in DOS. Since it is USB 2 you are trying to do this with. That article is for USB 1 and probably works for some and doesn't work for others.

The Crazy One

This is from the ReadMe.pas file in the file

"The units are based on the USB specification Version 1.1 and the Intel UHCI documentation."

As I said the drivers aren't for USB 2. :>(
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Hey - got it to work!  Went to that site and downloaded the new duse_4_4 file

Create a directory named    duse     on the C drive
Unzip the utility to this subdirectory

Boot into DOS


C:\duse\ C:\duse\duse.exe verbose xfer=64 nocd

Next available drive letter will be assigned to USB Zip

Got the USB 2 CD drive to work by downloading the usbdoscd.exe utility and creating a boot disk.  Was able to use USB CD drive in DOS (Windows 98).  Don't know (and am not willing to try) this on 2000/XP etc.  

Give it a try.  You never know when this will come in handy.  The reason I needed it was because a user had a laptop with a broken CD drive.  I need to format and reinstall.  He had a USB CD drive.

Well I'll be. Way to go and you prove me wrong. Good work. :>)
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