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Just after some general advice. We plan to replace our Linux box with a Win2k Domino server. Currently the linux box runs our email and network proxy service. The plan is to install Domino 5 mail server with Notes 5 clients. By the way, we use ISDN to connect to our ISP.

Q1. Am I right in presuming I should have no problems setting up the email. The linux box currently downloads our email from the ISP and resolves the to drop the mail into individual users pop mail boxes?

Q2. Internet proxy - I've read some information regarding using Domino as a web proxy that indicates it is possible but the detail is sketchy. Currently, the linux box uses "Squid" as the proxy server and can establish dial on demand connections to our ISP as required. We also regularly use a web site that insists on using IE6. Any info on the practicalities and/or setup would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Here's my take on these:

1) If you're already familliar with linux, why not try the Domino server for linux?  Its very stable, and up to around 800 users on comparable equipment is actually faster than on win2k.

2) With your mail, you have three possible configurations from what I'm seeing.   If you have a full time connection to your ISP, domino makes a great SMTP server, so you can have the mail go directly to your domino server.  Let us know if you need help with that.    Otherwise, you can still use the linux box and download to user's mail boxes, then have the domino server pick it up from the linux box -- or -- you can have domino do just what your linux box does now.  The "pick-up" method (the last two) are less commonly used since most domino servers are directly connected to the net on their own, so finding expertise on these is tricky -- but it can be set up and is a supported configuration.

Of course, you could also just have your notes clients set up to get their mail from pop3 and just use domino for internal notes mail as well.  All kinds of options!

3) Internet proxy -- my advice, don't bother.  To do this, you have to be using your notes client as the browser.  It can do this with its own browser or with IE as an embedded OLE.  The latter is more desireable.   If you do this, then you can tell it to retrieve the web pages directly from the workstation or through the server (its on the client location document).  If you have the server pick them up, you have to enable the "web" task on the server (easily done).   You do get some caching, but otherwise no real value in my opinion.



Nice one. Thanks for that. With regard to Domino on linux, my preference is with Win2k purely because I know it much better if (when) things go wrong. I only have to support 30 odd users so the speed is recently an issue.

With the mail, we don't have a permanent connection but do have a subscription service so it doesn't matter how long the server is connected. Currently, the server dials on demand and in fact is connected for much of the day. My hope is not to rely on the linux box at all so the preferred option would be to use Domino as the smtp server. Any tips would be good here.

The performance of the web proxy isn't much of an issue as it's lightly used. What I would probably do is give it a go myself before roll out and take a look if it's not going to be a nightmare to setup. From what you've said, it looks fairly easy - is that true?

Thanks again



Also, I've just come across the "Web Navigator" in Ch 25 of IBM's Domino Admin yellow book. Glancing through it, it look OK - has anyone any experience with it?

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