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Is it possible to communicate between VB and Origin( a software for drawing graphs)?My need is to send data arriving in VB(from an instrument interfaced to PC) to Origin and simultaneously  plot a graph in origin.Please give a detailed answer as I am new to this.
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Does origin suppore DDE?  I have never used Origin but I have been able to comunicate between various programs by using an old protocol called DDE, It is fairly basic but it might work.

hi rag,

I had never heard of the Origin Graphing software before your question. I did a search on and got several hits .... here is an example:

A brute force approach would be to write a file from VB and read that file from Origin in a near real time basis.

VB has very powerful graph capability... It might be a better solution to write a VB routine to graph the data...

Do you get data from some external  instrumentation and do an analog to digital conversion or do you get the data as digital?



Thank you Richard.Origin supports DDE but I come across problems when I give the name of the linkItem as Origin.Then I get a message that the requested connection could not be established.Is there any solution to this?

Thank you Leo.I am getting the data from a Lock in Amplifier which does the analog to digital coversion.Is it possible to draw 3D graphs in VB?
In vb did you set up the link mode as source.  Thne in Origin the topic is the  vb app name and the item is the name of a textbox on the form.

To draw 3d graphs I have used the Chart fx control from 

it is quite powerful
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