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Hello, i have a program developed in perl but i need a script to make the program find a hidden value in a html text document.
<input type="hidden" value='6291587' name='class_id'>
<input type="hidden" value='4' name='key5'>
<input type="hidden" value='EF3854' name='11'>
it would read the txt with the html source code and show the third line value.. for ex: print EF3854 without the ''.
I have a program that uses the post method, but it needs some keys and values...that value changes all the time so i need it to search it from an .txt(key.txt) file and them send it to the prog so it can do the Post..etc..

the part of the prog is:

var rawfile = key.txt   (THIS WILL BE THE HTML SOURCE TXT FILE)
get url

   subst KEY6 2wayread
     field pass_id = 213453
     field msg_id = 2666295
     field key5 = 4
     field 11 = $$KEY6$$ (THIS WOULD BE THE KEY I NEED)
     var Referer =
post url
     print a msg foi impressa

thanks , i really need this help...i tried everything but i could not make it seems to be a simple script to get a value from a txt file...
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hidden values arrive at the script in exactly the same way as <input type="text" ...> values do.  There is no difference that you can detect.  So, whatever method you use for the variables will work.  

Personally I always "roll it myself" so I use soemthing like:

but you can use whatever method you like.  Most people seem to like the module.


One of the scripts in perl that the prog uses is bellow:

# Unbuffer STDOUT
$| = 1;

open FILE,'msgs.txt' || die "Não achei o arquivo com as classes...\n";

@listademsgs = ();

while (<FILE>) {

     if (s/(\/Scripts\/CLASSD.asp\?group=&kkey=&ID=)(\d\d\d\d\d\d\d)/$2/) {
          push (@listademsgs,$2);


while (<>) {

     print "$listademsgs[$_]\n";
close FILE;

it shows the msgs number(Id)...and prints it to the prog, so it can use it.....
the  MSGS.TXT has the following in it:
part of it is

<B><pre>MSG will be run 12/29/2002</pre>
<center><img src="/wsdocs/cyber/PR_BAR.gif" border="0" align="middle"></center>
<a href="/Scripts/CLASSD.asp?group=&kkey=&ID=6352070">  (6352070) </a><br>
<a href="/Scripts/CLASSD.asp?group=&kkey=&ID=6352075"> more classes in about 20 min. (6352075) </a><br>
<center><img src="/wsdocs/cyber/PR_BAR.gif" border="0" align="middle"></center>
<p><font size="2">Record ID=170641
So you can have an idea of what i need...
I need a script that reads the key.txt that has the
<input type="hidden" value='6291587' name='class_id'>
<input type="hidden" value='4' name='key5'>
<input type="hidden" value='EF3854' name='11'>
and prints out the EF3854 (only without '')....
OBS that value changes all the time...

This is the sort of thing you use a tokenizer for.

use HTML::TokeParser;
my $p = HTML::TokeParser->new("key.txt")
  or die "Couldn't parse 'key.txt': $!";

while (my $token = $p->get_tag("input")) {
  if($token->[1]{type} == 'hidden'){
     print $token->[1]{name}.": ";
     print $token->[1]{value}."\n";

you might need to grab TokeParser from CPAN, and if you want to know more about how it works, their docs will explain it much better than I can.

In any case, when parsing HTML you always want to use either a tokenizer, or HTML::TreeBuilder if it's more complicated.

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