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In the registry there is a key like this for
"my user"-auto-starting-programms


But i want my program to be able to control all users keys like this.

How can i view/edit all user data?
HKEY_USERS dont show anything else than "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" if I am not logged in as another user.

if I am logged in as "User1" I canät see "User2":s data.

This is probelry because of the security in Win XP but is there a good way around it?

Dr. Gonzo
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no, you must login as Administrator

Best Regards


maybe use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root key (?)


hmm tested being logged in as Administrator..
That gives me the ability to see other "logged in" users registry profiles.
Is there someway opf seeing thoose who are not logged in?
Or can I let the program log in as those persons, then login as admin, do what its suppost to do and then log out from all log-ins?
It's seems kind of hard to do what I want here.

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I'm sorry but it doesn't help me. I need to have
a listview with all the users names in it and
then be able to choose who of a specific user should get a new stringvalue to his/hers registry profiles.
ie... i dont always want to write to "all users" or "my user" but to the user "XX".

sorry, then i can't help you... :-(
It would defeat the purpose of a multiuser system, if you can view and modify other users entries without being logged in as them.

As for the procedure you thought of yourself, logging in as multiple users and the admin, you're right, it does seem kinda overkill :)

The only suggestion I can think of is to make a "gateway". A tiny program that's called from HKEY_LOCALMACHINE, something that all users invoke. Then the program reads an ini file to check if the main program should launch, based on the information of the username.

A simple file could look like this:


A good sideeffect of this is that you wont pollute the registry with all kinds of data, which is something I value in the applications I create/use ;-)


hmm it isn't exactly what I would like to do.
Let me explain myself.
I'm making a program that controlls auto-starting programs.
I find it very anoying when the other users on this computer keeps installing ****-programs that auto-start.
So I made a little program with DnD where you can drag a certain auto-start-key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER for example.
making sure that the programs I like only autostarts for me.
But I also want to be able to send something from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to some specific user. So that the user and only that user has to live with that auto-start.
So basically I want to have a list
containing all the rootKeys in the registry and names of all users on the local machine and being able to drag-drop to a name.

If I have to be loggen in as Administrator to use this program I can live with it... but it seems strange that I should have to log in as all users on the system(it might be 10.000) just to be able to do what i want.



hmm by the way..
I guess it easiest just to force the user of the program to log in as administrator and then show a list of all users in the system.
when the actuall drag-drop takes place the program logges in as that user...
But how do I get all users and how do I let the program log in as one of them.
this is kind of a new question so i raise the points a bit...


hmmm. I raise the points a bit more... :-)
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Hi Kalroth! I was hoping to find another way, but your seems to be the only working so far.
You get the points!



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