How to move a filesystem from one disk to another

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I have an instalation on a 4 GB SCSI disk
Now I have add a 8 GB SCSI disk, and whant to move
/usr and /var from the first disk to the sec. disk

Is there a How to that descrips how to do that
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Haven't seen howto about this. But it goes like this:

1. Create partitions to new disk and construct file systems. (fdisk (...) and mkfs -t ext2 (...))

2. Mount newly created partitions to temporary locations (for example /mnt/new_usr and /mnt/new_var) - It also might be good idea to label the new partitions accordingly, maybe as 'new_var' and 'new_usr'.

3. Copy all files from /usr to /mnt/new_usr and from /var to /mnt/new_var.

4. modify you /etc/fstab to automagically mount new /usr and /var in place. If your distro by default mounts the disks by labels, like RH does, replace LABEL=/usr by LABEL=new_usr and LABEL=/var by LABEL=new_var.

5. reboot and check that everything works. (Reboot is not necessary if you are sure that you got everything right ;)

6. umount /usr and /var. If umount complains about /usr being busy, check what processes are using it using ("fuser -uv /usr)", kill those ("fuser -k /usr") and try again.

7. rm -rf * at /usr and /var

8. mount the /usr and /var


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