Can I get a control similar to the textboxes in Excel for VB

Syed Irtaza Ali
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I am looking for a text box control that can display text
like this

[in RED]Alert: [in Blue]Please update your [in Green]settings

[in RED] means the following text would be in Red colour
[in Blue] means the following text would be in blue colour
[in Green] means the following text would be in Green colour

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RichTextBox Control might be the answer.
Syed Irtaza AliLead Software Architect


How would i do it then, using the RichTextBox?


Honestly, I never used it, but as I understand from help file: You have to create a rich text document (or text with rich formating) and assign it Text property.
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Probably it's not simple. First, you should master formating text using Rich Text capabilites.

If you create a document in MSWord and color some words or change size, etc... and copy that text into VB rich text control it will keep formating. Probably, you could do that dynamically, but I have no idea how to apply formating to string.

Actually, the richtextbox is simple to add coloring to it in various places.  The problem becomes when you add further data (more lines of text) to it, you either need to reformat the whole thing or resort to adding the line via RTF Commands.

If you have relatively static text (text that doesn't change once you initially set it, but that text can be dynamically loaded), you can do something like this:

with RichTextBox1
  .SelStart = 0
  .sellength = 4
  .selcolor = vbBlue
  .selstart = 6
  .sellength = 4
  .selcolor = vbRed
  .selstart = 11
  .sellength = 6
  .selcolor = vbgreen
  .selstart = 18
  .sellength = 4
  .selcolor = vbYellow

end with

And so on.  Now you can find the text you are looking for instead of hard-codding the values using Instr, etc.
In order to use this you must add a component reference to Microsoft Rich TextBox in your project.
Syed Irtaza AliLead Software Architect


ok twalgrave, now when this is done, could i do drag and drop with the highlighted text easily or will that be a hard part. Basically after this is done (the colour mechanism), I should be able to identify the start and end of text respective to its colour scheme. Now if the user selects any char of maybe blue colour, then the whole text in blue would be dragged and dropped in a list or text box.

Note: I would like to use distinct colours for every text, and most probably have 12 colours at most (meaning 12 sentences)

[How many chocolates] * [How many IceCreamz]

so is that possible?

Sorry for the late reply, just came across this wile doing cleanup of my mailbox.  While the original question was answered, I'd like to answer the added question of dragging/dropping if you still need help with this.
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Thanks, but my question was partially solved.

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