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I have an SSTAB box however with in this box i want a scrollable container, that has a bunch of text boxes and labels.  Is there anyway i Can make this happen?
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yes, put a picturebox on the ssTab control and name it picouter.  Then put a picturebox inside picouter and make it's size whatever you want, call this on picinner.  (you may want to make this picturebox outside of picouter first, then cut and poste it into picouter so you can more easily put the contained controls within it in design mode.)  Set the top and left to zero of picinner and set the borderstyle to none.  Then add a scrollbar to the right (separate control) and set its max value to that of picinner.height.  On the scrollbar_Change event, move the inner picture around.

Here's  the full technique along with sample code:

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