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When using my xp box I get an error message that states "local area connection a network cable in unplugged".  I am conencted through a linksys router.  I can browse the internet while the message is not up but for a brief moment when the message is up my connection to the internet is disabled.  I tried new cables, I tries new ports on my router, I tried to uninstall my nic card drivers.  There are no updated drivers available for my nic card.

I am thinking it is maybe a bad nic card or I need a firmware upgrade for my router?  I do not think it is the cable because I have 3 other computers coming off the same router, windows 98 and a window2k systems that do not have these problems.  I can ping without interruption on both of my other box's but not my xp box.  When the window pops up in my systray I lose connection for a brief second.

This is quite annoying because I like to play online games and I cant because I get disconnected.  The windows comes up at least once every 15 seconds.

Any help?
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That either generally means one of the other machines connection has gone down or you have a flaky driver for the card. In my case I had a flaky NIC. After replacing the NIC I no longer had the problem.

The Crazy One


Is this a wired or wireless router from Linksys?

Is this a cable or DSL modem connection?

Wireless routers can sometimes intermittently lose their connection with the systems they connect to the internet through their modem connection.

Wired routers would usually not exhibit this behaviour unless a patch cord is mis-wired or frayed at one of the connecting ends.

Alternatively, check the receiving port on the NIC to be sure it isn't damaged from being tugged on due to an over-taut line to a wall plate.

If none of these suggestions solve your problem, then it would seem that a NIC replacement is in order.

Hope this helps!
Ted, the Modem Mixer


Its not a wireless router, the patch cable is brand new, I tried 2 other patch cables and it displays the same behavior.  Its a cable connection.

I upgraded the firmware on the router but have yet to test out if that actually helped.  I was also thinking of a flaky nic card, if it still does what it was doing, I will go out and buy a brand new nic card.

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Go to the properties of the LAN connection and choose to "Configure" the adapter.  Then on the advanced tab try forcing the Speed/Duplex for 10/HD or something like that. Play around with a couple of them. Hopefully one will work.

I had a very similar issue with my Linksys/XP setup, and this helped.

If the other systems can access the Internet via the router, that pretty much rules out the router as a problem. Was the XP machine an upgrade from another OS or a clean install? Were any of the XP and/or IE6 security patches applied, including service pack 1?



The xp was a clean install.  And, all patches were applied.

This just started happening, Ive had xp up and running for 3 months now, without any problems.

I can access the internet from said computer, but speratically (sp?).

Try disabling the XP ICS firewall.

Greetings again!

Getting lots of advice & info, nice to be here, isn't it?

Anyway, it's pointing more and more to the NIC being faulty.  Too bad you haven't another NIC kicking about.  I have plenty here, but that doesn't help you there ;)

Any way, to try another PC or laptop on this connection?
IP grabbing / dropping is the only problem you'll have, so before detaching another PC from its connection, be sure to release that IP:

 For 95/98/ME:
   type "winipcfg"
   ensure NIC is chosen 1st line,, arrow at right

 For NT/2K/XP
   type "cmd"
 at command prompt, type "ipconfig /release"

Then you can connect the other PC to this CAT5, to assess the connection.

Hope this helps!
Ted, the Modem Mixer

What is the brand of the NIC?
Why not swap out the NIC with one in another of your machines and test that.


Its a linksys nic, Ill try swapping out the nic, to see if its a bad nic, but the nic is brand new.  I just bought it like 3 months ago.  But that still doesnt rule out it being a bad nic.

Ill let you know, and  thank you all for the great help!


Hello again, and Happy New year!
Any update on the NIC and/or unplugged scenario?
Thanks in advance,
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