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On 22/12 there was a question about "avi problems".
I think i had the same problem, but with a different codec.

What I did :

- Recorded a movie.
- Digitalised it with the sorensen codec in premiere. --> AVI - format.

What the meaning was of this video :

- In stead of 25 frames/sec +- 12 frames/sec, so i can draw all the frames over in coreldraw or flash MX. (vector-based). (animation for website)

- I thought doing this with Premiere --> New project --> Quicktime video --> video preferences (sorensen codec)
  then import video --> movie.avi
  like the other person there was an error called : not supported compression....

I downloaded Virtualdub but when i imported movie.avi he gave me the following error :

"Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'dvsd' (unknown)"

What did i do wrong?
please help me :'o(

Greetz, Gert who apologizes him for his terrible English
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