Constant I/O errors while installing software

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Please, please can someone help me.

I have a real annoying problem with my computer, every time I go to install sofware on it during the installing phase when it is copying files I get an "An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file" This happens even when exploding a large downloaded zip or exe file. Its a Western digital hard drive which I have checked with their software. I have formated the disk countless times using NTFS or FAT32 but still the same problem exists. I know the media on the CD's is ok. Its running windows 2000 and runs fine but will not explode large files. I could copy a file to the hard drive manually ok but when eploding it it fails. The error appears randomly when exploding files. The pc is a P4 1.5MGhz with a 20Gbyte hard drive. Please help.  
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Probably you have problems with PCI settings: set them to off: PCI master read caching, Delayed transaction, PCI to DRAM prefetch, Byte merge
I would also perhaps turn off the "Ultra DMA" setting on your hard drive in your CMOS (BIOS) settings.



It was a problem with the memory, I swapped the ram over from another Pc and hey presto it works!, thanks for the reply

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