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when running a recovery disk and the "A:\>" prompt comes up,what are you supposed to type? I've never had to do this before, so i'm lost. itried to install a second hard drive and royaly screwed up. one error message say's 'no valid drives found', another say's no fat partition found. i just want to get in and do a clean lnstall.
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Try typing "scanreg /restore" and select a date from before problems happened.

Try to explain exactly what your problem is and we may be able to offer a better solution.
Can you boot at all?
How about into Safe Mode?
What error messages do you get?
when the A:\  prompt comes up (assuming the recovery disk is a floppy) then type "dir" this should give you a list of files on the disk.  One of these should be an executable with the extension being ".exe"  Type that file name in at the prompt.  If the recovery disk is on a CD and you get to the :\ prompt type "cd D:" assuming D is your CD rom drive.  Then type "dir" and look for the executable.
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It sounds to me that the hard drives are not being detected. Are the jumpers set corect master/slave? Are they showing in the bios?

If a new HD has been installed, then was fdisk run and the HD partitioned, reboot and format the HD? before you attempt to install an OS?

Snowguy's on track. Povide details on what you did and what you want to accomplish.


dos prompt worked fine.thanks.

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