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As you can tell from my signon name, I am only new to VB (do a little VBA, Thought I would uprgrade.), but I have a problem,  I have a multiline text box for the user to add a list of numbers. How do I get VB to add these numbers up?  its probably something simple that I have missed (Can get it to work in VBA by using a Spreadsheet)
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To sum the numbers in a multi line textbox you would need to split them up and then add them

To split them up you can use

dim myArray() as string
myArray=split(myTextbox.text, vbcrlf)

Now you got 1 string per line in your array (starting at 0) not you can add them in a loop

dim nCounter,nSum

for nCounter = 0 to ubound(myArray)
if isnumeric(myArray(nCounter)) then nSum = nSum + cdbl(myArray(nCounter))

Hope this helps
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Does each line have 1 single value?
if yes, split up the contents by the separator vbCrLf, and then add the items up:

dim strLines() as string
dim lngLoop as long
dim lngvalue as Long
dim lngTotal as long
strLines = Split(yourTextbox.text, vbCrlf)
lngTotal= 0
for  lngLoop = lbound(strLines) to ubound(strLines)
  lngValue = val(strLines(lngLoop))
  lngTotal = lngTotal + lngValue

msgbox lngTotal


>its probably something simple that I have missed

Not really.  Excel has functionality built in to perform summations, but VB is a general-purpose tool designed generically meaning that you have to do special-purpose things like this yourself.

The comments above should handle it.  However, these will only work with VB6/Office 2000 VBA.
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Thanks RD runner,  almost had it myself, I missed the vbcrlf in the split.

Thanks guys

gotta love this site...

No Problem, glad it works now ...

If you like this site, then grade the answer you like please ;)


How about a single line of code?

Add the Miscrosoft Script control as a component reference and add it to your form.  Then perform this single line:

MsgBox ScriptControl1.Eval(Replace(Text1.Text, vbCrLf, "+"))


sorry Rdrunner,

thought I had passed these on to you....

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