Need help with 2 exchange 5.5 issues

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Hi there, I have 3 things that I need help with for exchange 5.5

1- How to stop spam mail from a sender. I want to stop any emails coming from a certain domain, for example, will never make into any mail box.

2- I know that relay is prohibited on myserver but someone send me an email saying that there was smap coming from my server. Is there away of loggin all sent out emails from myserver and to check if someone really sent out any spam emails from the server

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1. Use the Turf list feature on the IMC
2. Use Msg Tracking and then take a look at the Msg Tracking log.  Alternately, you could use Msg Archiving on the IMC but this will use much disk space


Thanks Stemy, this is great. One thing, where is the log of tracked messages is lokated?

the check box to enable msg tracking is located on the properties page of the connector.  In addition, it can also be enabled on the site-level property pages of the IS and the MTA, although that will probably give you more info than you need to know.  It should then generate tracking logs in the tracking.log folder located under exchsrvr

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