I cant get my networked HP pritner to work with my mac

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I recently purchased a speedstream 2604 router that supports pritner sharing. The printer i have plugged into the router is a HP deskjet 3820. The assistant that came on the CD set it all up for me on the PC. The problem is that i cant get it to work on my mac. The dsl is routed to the macintosh but the printer just wont show up.....Is there n e where i can get info off the windows computer to set it up on the mac or just any way to get it to work???
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Well i setup these routers all the time and theproblem is  the printer port is not compatable with Macs it  will share broadband  but ther is only  WINDOWS drivers abvailable the link  im attaching is to the speedstream site that shows  only windows drivers thats what need to be installed on mac but there are no drivers to support mac.  What  type  connection is the printer   USB  or  Parrallel????


Hope this helps  good luck
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