Can a ScanPort SQ2400 scanner and Adaptek AVA-1502E SCSI card work in WinXP Pro?

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I have used my ScanPort SQ 2400 scanner with Adaptek AVA-1502E SCSI card with Win 95 and 98 SE, but now have WinXP Pro, and it cannot see my scanner or the SCSI card.

When I try to install the new hardware, the install wizard will not let me identify the SCSI card, and I don't seem to have an install disk that will satisfy it.

ScanPort seems to have gone out of business, and Adaptec does not list the AVA-1502E card on it's Support site.

I would like to get my scanner working again.   : )
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Try the following site for a scanner driver(s) which will work with ScanPort SQ 2400 scanner and the Adaptek AVA-1502E SCSI card with WinXP.

The drivers for WinXP will be significantly different to those you have been using for Win95 & 98 so I'm not at all surprised that it doesn't work with the old drivers or even that it will not let you install them.


To patrickab;  your directuions to the website were good, and I downloaded the patch, but nothing I do will let me install the hardware.  The install wizard only offers two Adaptec cards, but not mine, and I can see no way it will allow me to install mine.

In Control Panel / Cameras & Scanners, it only lists cameras and their mfrs, so no help there either.

This is my first time on your website, and I don't understand all your rules;  it took me a while to figure out how to get back to you, and I don't know if this is the right way.  

Apologies for not spotting your response earlier. This is the correct site to continue the dialogue until your problem is solved. Someone, if it's not me, will provide you with the answer you need!

Firstly have you un-installed the old printer drivers? This needs to be done before starting again - only to prevent confusions as to which driver you need to be using!

The Adaptek AVA-1502E SCSI card is an entry level card so it might be listed as a generic SCSI card which supports the SCSI-2 protocol. So if in doubt look up the protocols of the cards listed in WinXP and select the one that supports the SCSI-2 protocol. I don't have access to a WinXP machine right now so I cannot check for you but if you have difficulties tracking down the protocols supported by the SCSI cards listed can you just list them here.

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Thank you for your help.  I'm sure that if I stuck with you, we would get the problem solved, but I do not have the patience to do that.  I am going to replace the scanner with one with a USB interface.

I really appreciate all of you volunteers who try to help folks like me;  it's a great service and I will come back if I ever need help again.
I do understand your feelings on this one but if you change your mind I will be pleased to attempt to help. Just post a further question on this thread and I will pick it up.

By the way if you do decide to buy a USB scanner to work with WinXP do make sure that they supply it with the correct drivers. Usual thing - if it doesn't say it on the box it isn't in the box!
Just had a further thought on this one. Why not select the later of the two SCSI cards that are on offer during the WinXP installation as it is possible that it is backwards compatible with the SCSI card that you are using. There is little to lose other than some of your time - precious no doubt but it may worth the trouble.

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