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I was given a Palm m130.  

QUESTION 1: Will this Palm be able to use 802.11b?  If so, which 802.11b card will work with it?

QUESTION 2: If not, what Palm products use 802.11b?
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Yes and no.
SyChip is working on an SD WiFi card but it's not out yet.
Needless to say, when that comes out it'll be the ultimate kick-ass solution for your device.

Until then there are some solutions I know of...
1. Toshiba is builing SD format Bluetooth cards which would get you access to something with WiFi and Bluetooth to form your own little Personal Area Network (PAN) but that requires more hardware than you probably want to carry.

2. The only other way I can think of is to get a Compact Flash (CF) WiFi card like this one:
And get a CF adapter for your Palm. Here's one that says it's for Visor but I've seen the Palm version around.



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