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I've had this Toshiba 4025CDT since '98. It's running W98, with 64Mg of RAM, and an 80Mg HD. Its now overloaded with junk, and is freezing & crashing. I'd like to strip it clean, start fresh with only a few programs. Would someone outline a simple process for reformatting? I really like this machine, and don't want to boneyard it yet. Plain language please, folks...I'm probably a 4 (out of 10) when it comes to PC knowledge. Thank you.
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Are you wanting to completely erase the HD and start fresh?
If so just boot to a Win98 bootdisk and at the prompt type "Format C:" and hit enter, answer yes when asked "are you sure"
then reboot and if your BIOS supports it then set the boot order to the CD-Rom as first boot device, and with the Win98 CD in it boot up to it and run setup.
Or if CD-Rom not bootable then boot to the Win98 bootdisk and select "with CD-Rom support" and after it is booted then change to the CD-Rom's drive letter and run setup.
Here is a great step by step article on how to repartition (which will wipe out) , format it and reinstall Windows 98;en-us;221829
For the above article you will need a Windows 98 bootdisk which you can create from here

choose Windows 98 SE (OEM)

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Is there something wrong with using a Startup Disk created through Add/Remove Programs?


Not if you have one, but many users don't make one until it is too late, then they need to download one.

*you need both a floopy drive and cd-rom to do the following.

Step 1:
*If you have a win98 Startup Disk you can skip to the next step.

you need a win98 Startup Disk. You can either download it from or make one doing the following:

Double click my computer -> doble click Control Panel -> doble click Add/Remove Programs -> goto the startup disk tab -> click create disk -> insert a floopy disk when promted.

Step 2:

1. Boot your your computer with the startup disk in the floppy drive. start without cd-rom support when prompted.

2. type Fdisk at the dos prompt and enable large disk support. Delete all partions starting from the Logical drives (option 3), then the extended dos partion (option 2), and finely the primary dos partion (option 1).

3. Restart your computer with the win98 bootdisk in the drive. This time start with cd-rom support.

4. type Fdisk and enable large disk support. Create a primary dos partion (option 1). You can create an extended partion as well if you want.

5. hit Esc to return to dos, and type Format C: /s at the dos prompt (the Volume does not require a name)

6. type md C:\win98 at the dos prompt

7. put your win98 cd in the cd-rom drive

8. type copy E:\win98 C:\win98 at the dos prompt (Your cd-rom should be E:)

9. remove the win98 cd & your win98 startup disk.

10. restart your system

11. start dos without cd-rom support when prompted

12. type cd c:\win98 at the dos prompt

13. type setup at the dos prompt, Windows 98 setup will begin.
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