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Hi everyone,

I have a small issue relating to firewall / email servers.

I am running Win2k / ISA config via  a DLINK router with a 3com superstack II 3300 managed switch.

The routers address is

Ext = 203.92.59.x
Int =

The server has two nics installed with the following addresses.

Ext Nic = IP :
          SM :
          DG :

Int Nic = IP :
          SM :
          DG :

Clients = IP : 192.168.0.x
          SM :
          DG :
          DNS: (1) order

Switch =  IP :

Now the ISA box has a protocol / packet filter setup for email.

The server can connect to internet / email via pop3 and download email successfully.

The clients can all resolve DNS see websites, run tests for pop3 connection successfully. However downloading of pop3 mail fails.

If i use DNS name or IP address on client I cannot retrieve mail from a client. I can run the outlook test connection which works OK.

I believe this is something to do with the proxy side of ISA as getting it to the ISA box is OK.

any ideas ??

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The easiest way I've got this setup to work is by using the firewall client software and a protocol rule. (Guessing that you are accessing external POP3 mailboxes.)

rather than go through the details I'll refer you to this doc:

If for whatever reason you cannot use this setup can you provide more detail from the ISA logs - i.e what is seen in the logs when a connection is blocked?
Do all pop3 emails fail or is it just some of them? I'm thinking that maybe its an MTU issue if its not a straightforward config issue on the firewall.


kthyboy great site, all the information you mentioned was identical to my current setup.

heres something a little interesting however.

i removed the router and plugged the ext interface into the adsl connection.

immediately everything began to work normally, i did however change the external interface to DHCP from the ADSL modem.

this would indicate my firewall is correctly configured.

however when in this option when DHCP is requesting to be renewed it cannot see the adsl modem.

I have enabled the DHCP client option on ISA and installed this hotfix. q326116

cestor, when in the previous router configuration all email behind the firewall failed. at the firewall worked fine.

however once the router was removed all worked (im picking this means firewall is ok)

and something to do with the NAT'ing on the router. perhaps ?

I can do without the router its junk anyway however without the router I cannot renew DHCP therefore making the straight connection to the ADSL modem useless.

any ideas on either option ?
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My suggestions to resolve this would be as follows:

Use the router again & use Ethereal - - a free packet sniffer and see if when the clients make the pop3 request the packets go both ways through the ext interface and have the correct source and destinations i.e. that natting is working properly. Move the sniffer machine down to between the router and the DSL modem and do this again. Use a small hub if necessary to allow the sniffing between the different areas.


yes im familiar with ethereal, i have already tried using SMS netmon however havent looked at the logs too closely as yet havent had time.

however with the second option of DHCP not renewing I swapped the NIC with a new one and this problem went away.

Therefore I am currently functional however I do not yet have the router back in place.

I will look through the ethereal logs later today and get back to you.
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