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I am using VBA under Microsoft Word. How can I make the program that I created executable (turning it into a .exe file)?

Thank you!
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You need a Visual Basic editor/complier to do this. It's a commersial product which can be bought from most software vendors. Today that would mean that you by a VB.Net editor, and do a substantial amount of adaption to your VBA code.

If you can get hold of an old Visual Basic 6 editor, there may still be some adaptions to do, but they will be fairly small.

It's not possible to use word to create .exe files.
you cannot make a word file executable. For that you have to switch to some programming language.

To reuse your already developed code. VB 6.0 is the best option.In that you have to make a word object and then do the rest of programming. :-)

Try RTF to EXE

Call self-viewer

hope I help :P

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