Sep 09 -- Install NIC in RedHat 8.0

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I'm trying to install a 3Com Etherlink III (3C509B) in my RH. 8.0 box.  Kudzu won't recognize it, so I think I have to install it manually.  I haven't been able to find any good info. or instructions on the web.  Does anyone know how to install it?
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hi ,

just do the following on shell / terminal screen.

> cd /lib/modules/2.4.7-10 (orwhateverversion)/kernel/drivers/net  

 your driver would be listed here with '.o' extension.

then give the following command without writing the extension '.o' of the driver here

> modprobe drivernamefile

after that do


if it gives u some result (loopback device) and no error the driver would have been loaded. then the only thing that u have to do is to put IP settings through 'ifconfig' or through GUI.

You can also do the above by going to control manager in GUI. by clicking on button 'to add the device ' u would be provided the list of drivers present.

hope that helps

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There's a problem with 3c509B cards in that PnP mode doesn't work well with Linux. The solution is to use the 3Com diagnostic disk or the setup program from to put the card into a fixed IRQ/IO port mode. It is desireable to reserve the IRQ used for the 509 for ISA use if your BIOS has that capability. When setting the IRQ for the card you need to be sure that nothing else on the system attempts to use that IRQ or there'll be networking problems. Looking at the output of 'dmesg | grep -i irq' and the contents of /proc/interrupts and /proc/pci will tell you what IRQ's are being used.

With those items taken care of Kudzu should find the card and it will work properly.
For what it's worth, here's my experience with an older version, RH 7.
I was attempting to set up some old pentium boxes as a linux cluster, with Realtek ISA NIC cards switched to the NE2000 emulations mode. (I know they're a bit ancient but it suited my needs)
The normal linux DOS-type gui installation would not recognise the card; then I discovered that the 'Expert' mode would, and it even let you input NIC parameters, such as base I/O address and IRQ, which was just great.
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I have a few here.. same problem.  Best bet is to try and disable the PlugNPray mode like jlevie suggested.

When I had to put dual nics in a firewall box, I had to add the settings to the /etc/rc.modules file under RH7.2.

modprobe 3c509

Kudzu is a real pain with ISA PNP... often times it resets the old SB16 cards, and freaks out sometimes.

On the older systems, with lots of ISA slot cards, I disable kudzu just to save me headaches and lockups from bad discovery.

To check:
      chkconfig --list kudzu
To turn it off (if you want to):
      chkconfig --level 2345 kudzu off
Back on:
      chkconfig --level 2345 kudzu on

Hmm.. You may want to check the 3COM site, they may have a Linux util now to reset the EPROM settings.


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