win 98 shutting down

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when I turn on Compaq laptop with win 98, it goes through boot up then win logo with message "windows is shutting down". I could not interupt boot up, could not use rescue disk, could not use any of the keys. Could not use ctrl-alt-del.
The windows logo and the message stay on til I turn comp. off.

Any suggestions?
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You have some serious problems with the OS at this point. 98 does not do will once you reache this stage. If you call compaq support they are going to tell you to use the restore disk.

Alas, I recommend that you use a 98 boot disk to boot to dos and try to move off your important files before you start tinkering around with anything at this point.

Good luck, maybe someone else has a better solution.


>I could not interupt boot up, could not use rescue disk, >could not use any of the keys. Could not use ctrl-alt->del.

Does this mean you tried F5 to boot into safe mode? Remember your rescue disk will wipe all your data. Do you have a Win98 boot floppy?

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When it is booting up, press F8, to go to thething where you go toSAFE MODE, NORMAL, MS-DOS, BOOTLOG, ECT.
Go into Dos, type in scanreg/restore and use the oldest registry file. Josh
Overly obvious question:  Is the keyboard plugged in appropriately/snug in its connector?
Is there any message which flashes up - such as Cannot load/find gdi.exe?

What happens if you boot off a floppy?


When I turn it on, a message says "resuming from disk" with bars showing memory progress. Then it goes to Win Logo with message underneath saying "windows is shutting down". It also makes two noises in the cd rom as if it is trying to read a disk.
I have tried a rescue disk both on floppy and cd. Did not make any difference.

I think you need to get into bios and change boot order to 1. Floppy
2. CD
3. Hard Disk

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