Unknown admin password for XP

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I just found that someone threw away; this machine is running XP Pro.  I do not know the passwords to the admin, what is the best way to brute force XP to get this info.

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Is the account a local or domain account?  If it is local, there is a way to change the password. Try this utility, it is built for NT, but may work for XP:
Good Luck,
This is a small utility which allows you to reset the Admin or other user passwords There is source code and complete instructions for this


This worked on win 2k did not test it on XP but worth a try

Good luck,
Sorry Prime I did not see your answer before answering this.
How can i delete my comment.
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sp1d3r> I just found that someone threw away; this machine is running XP Pro.  

Now tell me why I should believe that you did not simply pull it out of my car or my house?

Here is my suggestion: plug it into an ISP at your earliest convenience so that it can tell my server its precise location so my server can call a 911. Then we can best answer this and more questions face to face.

> How can i delete my comment.

A better question is regarding whether all three of you supposedly newbies here actually bother to RTFM and even care about rules for proper use of site or internet or servers or cars.

This is a website for adults only.


Well SunBow...

I will do that, although my ISP will not recognize this since I have no way to dial up…, and I am still faced with the challenge of getting through the admin.  

When I do so, I will let you know...  Please file whatever suit you prefer and if you attempt to harm me or my family; I will file a class action counter suit, and sue you so hard, you will be begging in the streets.  Believe me all of my Sh!@t is legit!

Don't you know that the best security is physical... One can guess that the newbie here is you...



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If someone really threw out a recent machine, the odds are really very good that it'll cost more to fix its problems than to buy a new one.

When you have  "all of my Sh!@t is legit!" then you also have the S/W, just load up the CD and install. Takes very little time.

If you get Pro to work one day, you'll quickly find that the vendor has upgrades, at least once a week. If you do not load them immediately, odds are you get wiped and have to go look for a CD. XP HE is as good for less. The enwer the OS, the more vulnerable you are, more patches required, and half the time you get infected you end up infecting everyone else you know, family or not.

If you were experienced here, you'd have seen all the people having problems requiring reload. So IMHO it pays to be prepared to do that, reinstall, on a moments notice.


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