New motherboard...will I lose data?

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I sent my laptop in to have a USB port repaired and was just told that they are replacing the motherboard. Does this mean I will lose all my data on my hardrive?? I hope not because stupid me I only backed up my Quicken thinking they weren't even going to need to deal with my processor.  Thanks
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If you sent the Laptop to the manufacture, they will most likely wipe the drive. Most manufactures will restore the computer back to it's orginal setup. This is so they can get it working and out of their hands. They want to send the computer back to you in it's orginal setup, so they can say, "it worked here" and you must have installed other hardware/software tat is causing the problem.
I used to work for a place that used to build laptops. Our service guys never wiped the drive unless they had to and even then they called to make sure it was ok if they did. You can't sue over lost data, though. That's why they make backups.

I used to be in tech support. I know this because I was threatened several times. ;)

At least you backed up your Quicken.
Its a 50/50 chance of them wiping the Drive.  In some cases bassfishermannj is correct, if sent to the OEM they may very well run a restore on the drive to bring it back to factory original specs.

And in some cases FunkyBlue is correct, and it sure would be nice if all service techs asked permission before doing so.

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Replacing the mobo is in itself not a reason  for wiping the hard drive.Although as bassfishermanni points out, some shops do as a matter of policy. Shops I worked at never did except as a last resort, then we would notify the customer and if they had critical info on the drive they had the option of having us put in a new drive to complete testing and return the old drive with the computer so they could attempt to recover data from it.
Blasterman is right.  Just switching out the motherboard or processor will not wipe out your data, which is stored on the hard drive.  You might want to check with the company you sent it to, to see if wiping the hard drive is part of their proceedure.  If it is, and they haven't already done so then ask that it be returned intact.  There also might be issues with them accessing your hard drive.  They probably wipe it so you can't accuse them of stealing your data.  Who knows, check with them and proceed from there.

just a note for the future. if you are sending your laptop in for service, remove the hdd the floppy and optical drives oh, and battery. that way you know they wont get 'lost' or your data is at least safe at home. they have all these parts, and can use their own in your system for repair.
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